Customer Reviews

I absolutely love cloud-culture! Every flavor I’ve ever tried from them has been spot on. I’ve tried a lot of banana flavors and it’s always been way to over powering , but this juice is different! It’s so creamy and full of goodness I don’t really taste the strawberry but the creamy ice cream is there. If you like creamy/custard’s you will love this.
My new all day Vape.

Smooth Criminal


Yeah, this is the BEST Cap’n crunch flavor on the market right now…better than Cap’n Crunk!!! I really need to start buying 120ml bottles, because I’m burning through 60ml bottles like it’s nothing!!….make Twist Vapor start stocking 120ml bottles!!! LOL

The Captain

JJ Veach

Tried it and I must say, this is a very true to life flavor, the Marion berry pops out in full flavor, the cream is extremely subtle and the shaved almonds just top it off for a smooth finish, a very well done juice!

Drew Drips


All it took was ONE SPLENDID Vape at VCCT16 of this DELECTABLE E Liquid to know the Craftsmanship that goes into each and every drop ! TRULY the ADV you’ve been searching for. I’ve been vaping for over 3 years and have never had the experience I had with the VCCT16 Booth Crew and MR BEAN. You won’t regret it – for real !

Mr Bean


Great tasting juice. Definitely a juice that you can vape all day and doesn’t get old. I’ve been stuck on Dankish for a good month now, and is for sure one of my most favorite juices.


Yinuo Li